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Deshe's AI

Meet SAM

SAM is an investment superhero’s AI sidekick. It’s the fundamental backbone of Deshe’s AI-powered technologies.

Using SAM, clients benefit from the scale and clarity of the equivalent of thousands of the best fundamental equity analysts' research insights and analysis, while providing coverage for the entire US & global equities markets. 

Clients can also co-design customized AI-powered structured investment strategies, dramatically enhancing their in-house professional capabilities while significantly reducing overhead costs. 

Give Every Client

VIP Service.

You don't need to be

a commodity 

Move conversations beyond lowest
price to creating the greatest value.

Expand beyond your
current capabilities

Deploy an army of AI-powered analysts to give you transparency and access into more markets.

Increase value quickly,
reduce everything else

Turnkey solutions for automating & improving investment management.

See how easily and quickly you'll translate your vision into reality.

Delight your clients with customized, optimized strategies

Access instant and transparent fundamental analysis insights
into the stocks you follow and discover new opportunities.

AI-powered army 
of analysts